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MindWorks offers a variety of high-quality Personal and Professional Development Workshops throughout the year.

Our courses are facilitated by presenters who are both highly experienced in their field and as trainers.

If you would like to chat further about any of our courses, please email us at, or call 079 435 74005

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Join our webinar 'So You'd Like to Be A Hypnotherapist? on the 27th June at 7pm on Zoom which will tell you all you need to know about the upcoming course in September. Join a live interview with a past MindWorks Graduate and ask questions at our Q & A. Fill out the form below to receive your invite to our free webinar.

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So You'd Like to Be A Hypnotherapist? MindWorks Webinar

Join our Webinar 'So You'd Like to Be A Hypnotherapist?' Wednesday 26th June at 7pm via Zoom to find out all about Practitioners Diploma in Hypnotherapy with MindWorks Therapy Training. Experience live hypnosis, know the secrets behind stage hypnotists performances, have all your questions answered and get an exclusive super early bird bonus for attending the webinar. Find out what makes MindWorks different from other Hypnotherapy Training schools. Who is the course for? What qualification will I gain? Will I get support setting up my practice? Who will I be taught by? What does the course cover? What do MindWorks Graduates do after the course? Find out about the course structure Plus, a live interview with a MindWorks Graduate and a live Q & A.

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